Japanese knives,sharpening whetstone,carpenter's tools
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Metal master introduces various knives and tools of Japan.
Please look a high-quality knife, the whetstone, and the carpenter's tool of Japan.

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Japanese kitchen knife TOJIRO DP cobalt VG10 Gyutou 210mm chef knife
Damascus kitchen knife blue steel #2 petty knife 150mm WA handle/ Tanaka knife
Japanese kitchen knife ! TOJIRO KUROUCHI petty knife 150mm/SHIROGAMI steel
Japanese natural whetstone "Umegahata HONYAMA Nagura" 50g-300g,,razor,knives
Japanese natural whetstone "Tanba HONYAMA AOTO" 50g-1kg,,razor,knives,nagura
Japanese whetstone SUEHIRO SKG-38 #1000/3000 combi sharpening waterstone
Japanese water stone "NANIWA combi stone 1000/3000" whetstone sharpening stone
Japanese whetstone "KING Nagura stone" water stone, sharpening stone
Japanese whetstone "Naniwa Diamond stone series" water stone,sharpening stone
Shapton ceramic whetstone M5 series #120-#12000/ For professional / sharpening
Japanese whetstone "KING deluxe stone" #800-#1200 // sharpening water stone
Japanese whetstone. NEW KENTO !!  #1000-#8000 / sharpening water stone,
Japanese natural whetstone "MIKAWA Nagura" 50g-300g
Japanese Diamond sharpening whetstone "ATOMA" #140〜#1200
Japanese whetstone "ARASHIYAMA" 6000 grit !! sharpening stone !!
Japanese kitchen knife Damascus blue steel #2 NAKIRI knife 165mm /HOU wood handle
Japanese Damascus layer KOGATANA(small sword) 9mm-30mm/ by Ikeuchi
Traditional Higonokami knife!!75-100mm/ Blue steel hand forged/Brass
Traditional Japanese razor !! Takahashi / hand forged! 50mm blade
Japanese Naniwa whetstone "Chosera Stone" series !! magnesia stone! with stand